Getting to a blades console from IBM’s IMM (and then getting out!)

Because I don’t do this often, I always forget how to get out of console mode via IBM’s IMM (integrated management module).  I should add that there is a way to do this via the web-based GUI but I’m a CLI guy.

To connect to the blade, you first need to connect to the IMM:

ssh USERID@imm01

Enter your password when prompted.  At the prompt, you now need to change the ‘environment’ you are controlling.  You do this with the env command and a switch “-T” – for target.

system> env -T blade[1]


Your command prompt now reflects the new target.


Here, we can enter the console mode by simply typing

system:blade[1]> console -l

This will bring up the live running console on that system (assuming it is running).  Now, to exit out of console mode you have to enter this sequence of characters:



So that’s hold down CTRL and then the left square bracket; release, hold down shift and left open parenthesis.  More often than not, I forget this sequence and have to Google it.

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