Passing parameters to Hive scripts

Like Pig and other scripting languages, Hive provides you with the ability to create parameterized scripts – greatly increasing the re-usability of the scripts.  To take advantage, write your Hive scripts like this:

select yearid, sum(HR)
from   batting_stats
where  teamid = '${hiveconf:TEAMID}' 
group  by yearid
order  by yearid desc;

Note that the restriction on teamid is ‘${hiveconf:TEAMID}’ rather than an actual value.  This is an instruction to read this variable’s value from the hiveconf namespace.  When you execute the script, you’ll run it as shown below:

hive -f batting.hive -hiveconf TEAMID='LAA'

If you define the parameter in the script but fail to specify a value at run-time, you won’t get any error like you would with Pig.  Instead, the restriction effectively becomes “where teamid = ””.  If you have blanks then you might get a result back; if not, you’ll go through all the necessary mechanics of executing the script sans the results.

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