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Passing parameters to Pig scripts

The Pig scripting language Pig Latin allows for parameter substitution at run-time.  Like any script, the ability to define parameters makes it far easier to share code with other users.  To do this in Pig Latin, you simply modify your … Continue reading

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Could not infer the matching function for org.apache.pig.builtin.SUM (or any function for that matter)

Pig – the language – may be like Pig – the animal – when it comes to ingesting data (not very picky), but syntax certainly does matter.  I learned this tonight while experimenting with Pig.  My script was pretty simple: … Continue reading

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Configuring pig to work with a remote Hadoop cluster

1. First, download a stable release of Pig from here. 2. As root (or some other privileged user), untar the pig tarball to /usr/local; this will create a sub-directory like /usr/local/pig.0.11.1. 3. Create a symbolic link (to make things easier) … Continue reading

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